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Ian Glen - bassoon
Glen Capra - piano

Accomplished Brighton based musicians, Ian Glen – bassoon, and Glen Capra – piano, formed “The Glens” in 2004 to explore shared musical interests and perform some of the more unusual pieces composed for Bassoon and Piano, in their own inimitable style.

Bassoon and Piano is a wonderful combination as the sonority of the bassoon and the percussive nature of the piano compliment each other on every level. The Glens repertoire embraces this ideal and combines well known favourites and poignant classics with accessible twentieth century music.

In the 2010 season, the Glens will be teaming up with clarinetist to perform three excellent contrasting Trios, The romantic Trio Pathetique by Glinka, The Brazilian Fantaisie Concertante by Villa Lobos and the Elgaresque Hurlstone Trio now four movements with the recently published scherzo. Although there are only a handfull of works for this conbination the Clarinet and Bassoon pairing is the most homogenous giving a sonorous blend of tone colours.

In July Ian will give a first performance of a new bassoon concerto by Jonathan Clark, with the Musicians of All Saints in Lewes. The work has five movements in an Arch form, with a strong Bach influence to Jonathan's energetic, percussive style.

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New Repertoire for 2010
With Zoe Rogers - Clarinet

Glinka - Trio Pathetique
Allegro Moderato, Scherzo and Trio, Largo, Allegro con Spirito

Villa Lobos - Fantaisie Concertante
Allegro Non Troppo, Lento,
Allegro Impetuoso

William Hurlstone - Trio

Andante Maestoso/Allegro Vivace, Andante, Scherzo (recently published), Allegro Moderato